Stream Efficiently

Scalability and Low-Latency

Project Description

Low-Latent Cloud Streaming

For when you need to have more viewers than peer-to-peer is practical for, or when you just need yourself some cloud, the EvoStream Media Server (EMS) is ready to do the heavy-lifting.  Highly efficient in both Memory and CPU usage, the EMS can massively scale cloud streaming while not sacrificing the sub-second latency that is needed in true live-streaming scenarios.

Cloud-based EMS deployments enjoy:

  • Sub-Second EMS-to-Playback video latency
  • Super fast player startup
  • End-to-end encryption of video*
  • Token and Aliasing Authorization schemes

Stream from the cloud directly to:

  • Browsers via simple HTML5 players
  • iOS and Android
  • VLC, Quicktime, FFPlay/FFMPEG and other desktop players
  • ONVIF compliant systems
  • Legacy Flash players

Learn even more about cloud streaming HERE

*encryption availability subject to capabilities of stream source and player.