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hyrahul64 Member asked 5 months ago

What is meaning of “delayedFile” in ‘webconfig.lua’ file? Is it same as ‘file’ type?
Why time is not logged as dd-mm-yy:hh:mm:ss:mmm format in logs? Any way to do this?

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erika Evostream-Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi hyrahul64,
Sorry for the late response. 

  1. “delayedFile” sorry but there is no “delayedFile” in webconfig.json. What version are you using so we can verify.
  2. Log format – we cannot write the logs in the format of dd-mm-yy:hh:mm:ss:mmm as it would affect the performance of EMS. However, you can create a script to convert the MS timestamp into human readable timestamp. Attached is a sample script. timestamp2date

How to use the script:

  1. Save the file as an executable file (we removed the .sh extension so we can upload it here)
  2. Run the script by calling timestamp2date.sh <file_name.log>

Hope this helps.