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hyrahul64 Member asked 9 months ago

As per documentation, for sslMode = ‘auto’ value, evostream server first try for https connection and then fallback to http.
So as per my understanding, whether pull-stream uri has https or http, it should be always working with ‘auto’ configuration.
But this is not happening with me with ‘auto’ configuration. When I type URL of m3u8 file in browser with ‘https’ skim, file gets downloaded. But with ‘http’ skim is not getting downloaded. Browser just shows ‘page is not working’. Shouldn’t EMS always send .m3u8 file irrespective of ‘http’ or ‘https’?
What I am missing? or my understanding about ‘auto’ mode is incorrect?

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xai Evostream-Staff answered 9 months ago

The webconfig attribute, sslMode, is intended for the built-in web server, evo-webserver, not ems. When sslMode is auto, the web server will be using https, but falls back to http if setting up https fails. The web server log file indicates whether it is using https or http.
So if the evo-webserver is using https, to serve m3u8 files, use https://<ip&gt;:<web port>/<path to m3u8>.