How License works

hyrahul64 Member asked 2 weeks ago

I have a license for evostream server in following format.
license =license ={ VERSION=, LICENSE_ID=””, LICENSE_MANAGER= { KEY1=””, KEY2=””, KEY3=””, }, NOTES= { ISSUE_DATE={year=, month=, day=, hour=0, min=, sec=}, PURPOSE=””, COMPANY=””, CONTACT_PERSON_NAME=””, CONTACT_PERSON_EMAIL=”” }, TOLERANT=1,  SIGNATURE=””}
Is this license can work on multiple m/c?
Same license can be used after re-installation of evostream server?

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erika Evostream-Staff answered 3 days ago

Hi hyrahul64!

Could you please send your License to
We need the details in the License to verify if it can work on multiple instances. 
Thank you!