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bluejay1 Member asked 5 years ago

Good Morning,

What I’m trying to do is determine if an instream that was closed was done because of a network error or if it was done intentionally. That way if the instream was closed because of a network error than the backend software could be notified to keep everything running for a minute or so and see if the connection comes back before performing a shutdown of the instream (ie, notify web server of recorded video, etc..).

It would be nice to have "InStreamClosed" event to contain a flag to indicate if it was closed because of network error or if the stream was closed intentionally.


2 Answers
bryan Evostream-Staff answered 5 years ago

Interesting use case. We’ve created a ticket to investigate the creation of such a flag. Will keep you posted!

bluejay1 Member answered 5 years ago

Thank you Bryan!