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hyrahul64 Member asked 10 months ago

I observed that .m3u8 is created only after second .ts file is created in ‘autoHLS’ folder ( I configured autoHLS from config file).
Due to this my player is not able to play video immediately.
Is there any way by which , Evostream Sever can immediately create .m3u8 file as soon as first .ts file get created in ‘autoHLS’ folder ( means : as soon as I start pulling stream in server)? 

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erika Evostream-Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi hyrahul64,
We need to have at least one full .ts file before the playlist (.m3u8) is created. 
You may try issue the createHLSStream (not auto) command first before pullStream command and check if there will be such difference. 

hyrahul64 Member answered 9 months ago

Thanks for your response.
I will check by calling createHLSStream api