About Us

Company Background

EvoStream is at the cross road of the IoT and Live Streaming Revolutions. We innovate with our Customers to help them deliver new experiences, and capture new values in various businesses such as Video Surveillance, Medicals Devices, Wearables, Drones, and other Video Enabled IoT Devices and Platforms.

We develop the EMS, a Live Streaming software that empowers Highly-Efficient and Low-latency streaming of Video, Audio and Metadata. The EMS and its open API’s are deployable in any Device, Appliance or Cloud Platform to provide End-to-End Live workflows, from Stream Origination to Transcoding and Scalable Low Latency HTML5 Delivery.

We accelerate time to market of products and empower our customers to own their users’ experience and content. We then share success with flexible OEM business agreements.

EvoStream, Your partner in the IoT Video and Metadata Live Streaming Revolutions.

Management Team

wandrille losay evostream

Wandrille Losay

CEO and Co-founder

bryan meissner evostream

Bryan Meissner

CTO and Co-founder

david robo evostream

David Robo

VP Business Development

  • Wandrille
  • Wandrille brings over 15 years of management, international business deployment, and OEM expertise. He has built 4 companies from the ground up including Mediadev (IT OEM marketing organization) and Wylog (web and mobile development software) that are still operating. Wandrille holds a BA in Management from Reims Management School and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from Universite Paris 2.

  • Bryan
  • Bryan brings over 10 years in Product Management and Software Engineering. At CHI Systems Bryan worked as a C++ engineer on networked applications for the military, which included GIS and tracking solutions, dynamic database synchronization and collaboration. Bryan then participated in the acquisition of CHI Systems by Harris. Bryan holds an MBA from San Diego State University and a BS in Computer Science from University of California, Davis.

  • David
  • David is an experienced international business development leader. He worked 20 years at Oracle Corporation. Up until January 2013, he was Director Cloud Management Technologies EMEA, in charge of Strategy and Business Development for Oracle Enterprise Manager business. David holds a Master of Science in Management from Grenoble Graduate School of Business, and a Technology Diploma in Computer Science from Lannion Technology Institute.

    Advisory Team

    edgar auslander evostream

    Edgar Auslander

    Head of Partnerships Facebook-Oculus Research


    Emmanuel de Boucaud

    Managing Director at Accelerate-IT

    andrei gavriloaei evostream

    Andrei Gavriloaie

    Architect and Co-Founder

  • Edgar
  • Edgar Auslander has more than 25 years of experience in venture capital, M&A, product management, and general management at startups and Fortune 100 companies. He work at Facebook-Oculus Research with the Chief Scientist, researchers, and business development on the 3-5 year VR and AR (virtual reality and augmented reality) roadmaps. Mr. Auslander has held several executive positions at Qualcomm, Intel, ST-Ericsson, Audience (a company he helped sell to Knowles), Texas Instruments, VantagePoint Venture Partners and IXI-Mobile. He was one of the founders of Texas Instruments’​ Wireless Business Unit ($0 to $5B/yr, 21% PFO) won more than $500M business and acquired several companies. He also served as SVP Marketing at IXI Mobile Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up that pioneered wearables and services similar to Instagram in 2001. A guest lecturer at universities and business schools, he started his career by licensing inventions from Columbia University. A Senior Member of IEEE, Mr. Auslander is co-author of “The Applications of Programmable DSPs in Mobile Communications” (Wiley). He holds an MBA from Columbia University, and an MEEng from Cornell University.

  • Emmanuel
  • Emmanuel de Boucaud is an entrepreneurial executive with a 20-year track record of building and leading teams in the Software and Internet technology segment. His leadership experience includes CEO of ChatStat, SVP of Cardiff Software (Acq. VRTY), EVP of Mitek Systems (MITK) and KalioCommerce, Inc. Emmanuel also co-founded DaggerBoard Advisors, an early stage executive advisory and Interim Executive business. He is an experienced leader in both strategy and execution, with a “roll up your sleeves” approach to achieving success. His domain experience spans e-commerce, B2B enterprise and SaaS-based process automation, Banking Systems and online payments, as well as SMB and B2C internet lead generation and data services. Having served on several advisory boards, Emmanuel’s skills and strengths are evident in all aspects of customer facing operations.

  • Andrei
  • Andrei is the primary author of the CRTMPServer (RTMPD.com) open source project and an over-all media streaming guru. Andrei is an expert in Object Oriented Programming in C++ and other languages, and his expertise spans from low level networking and signal management to enterprise database management, web infrastructures and even ERP’s. Andrei holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electronics and telecommunications from University Polytechnics Bucharest.