Streaming Platforms

Streaming Platforms


Unleash the Potential of your Content

EvoStream empowers you to reach any audience on any screen delivering low latency live streaming and vod to native players on mobile devices, browsers or set top boxes, and distribution through cdn’s. Your content is secure with authentication, encryption and DRM. Your viewers gets the best experience whatever screen and network.

  • Adobe Flash, RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-TS (unicast/multicast), HLS, HDS, DASH, Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS), Direct SUB-SECOND HTML5 Web Sockets Delivery, Peer to Peer over WebRTC.

  • Akamai, YouTubeLive, Limelight,, EdgeCast and many more!

  • Encryption with RTMPS, and AES for HLS. DRM with Verimatrix. Stream Aliasing. Inbound, Outbound and Client authentication.

Maximize your Server and Bandwidth Ressources

EvoStream will make the best of your server and bandwidth resources. It deliver 4X’s more streams per server compared to JAVA-based technology. It scale bandwidth usage all the way up to 10 Gbps network way before saturating server cpu. It offer the option to stream peer2peer across any networks and cut your bandwidth cost to a minimum. EvoStream help you save up to 80% on your Total Cost per Channel.

  • Handle at LEAST 400% the number of streams as conventional Java-based software when run on identical hardware. Use up to 10 Gpbs of Bandwidth per server. Stream 3.5 Gbps on Amazon M3.Medium at 11% cpu, stream 7.0 Gbps on Amazon C4.2xLarge at 21% Cpu, stream 10 Gbps on Amazon C3.8xLarge at 13% cpu.

  • Run on any platforms, from a stand-alone server, a rack of servers, to the Cloud with Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and others.

  • Use our free Web Services sample code to scale your infrastructure with Stream AutoRouting, Stream Recorder, Load Balancer, and Amazon S3 HDS Upload

Efficiency on Amazon

M3.Medium at only 11% cpu, stream at 3.5 Gbps!
C4.2xLarge at only 21% Cpu, stream at 7.0 Gbps!
C3.8xLarge at only 13% cpu, stream 10 at Gbps!

Optimize Integration and Operations

Whatever capacity you need, use any platforms you’d like, install and manage a simpler configuration with less servers and no Java. Integrate and automate with your applications and services using standard-based technologies.

  • Run on any platform you already use: Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Amazon Cloud EC2, Microsoft Azure and others Clouds.

  • Natively C/C++ with no Java. Highly reliable, secure and easy to maintain and update.

  • Standard and Open integration with RESTful API’s (Ascii, HTTP, PHP and JavaScript, JSON), Event Notification System, and Web Services.

Maximize your Media Streaming and Minimize your Latency with EvoStream Media

Server on Amazon Cloud AWS


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