Streaming Devices

Streaming Devices


The Best Streaming for Your Device

Live Streaming is not just a nice to have feature. Live streaming is a the core of your customer experience. Consumers want to share their content live on social networks, and to any viewers over any networks. Enterprises wants to securely and instantly share their video and metadata content across the entire organization and beyond.

  • Embed the same EvoStream that run on servers directly in your camera device. Bring unrivaled and powerful capabilities to the edge on ARM, MIPS, Edison, Ambarella, Snapdragon, Zoran and others.

  • Stream low latency live directly to any local and remote screens like phones, tablets, browsers, set top boxes, and to any CDN’s such as Akamai, YouTubeLive, Limelight,, EdgeCast.

  • Sub-second latency over any networks. High quality with dynamic bitrate. Peer2Peer from your device. Metadata and video. Secured content with access control, stream aliasing and encryption.

The Best Solution for your Business

Live streaming video and metadata business opportunities are all yours with EvoStream. You own the technology, accelerate innovation, and control the content. You benefit from all the value you create with your products, ecosystem and customers.

  • EvoStream technology is available as Software licenses for your Devices, Servers and Clouds to build streaming workflows you own, end to end.

  • EvoStream 100% software-based technology is flexible and solve all the technical challenges of live streaming video and metadata today, and tomorrow. You focus on your market and customer.

  • Streaming content to any platforms or to your own is your decision. Establish partnerships or choose to value the content yourself. With EvoStream, you are in control of the content, and the opportunities.

The Best Partner to Make You Succeed

Whether you update an existing products, or design a new device platform, we work with you on the entire life cycle of your product. From streaming industry and technology expertise to engineering integration and flexible OEM licensing agreements.

  • Video and metadata streaming span across multiple technologies, standards, and protocols. Our streaming industry and technology expertise is available to you when you define your product capabilities and customer experience.

  • Our engineering works with your team along the life cycle of your product to integrate EvoStream in your firmware.

  • We offer flexible OEM licensing agreements that works with your market and product. We share success when you sell your product.


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