Low-Latency Media Streaming Engine For Embedded, Cloud and On-Premises Deployments

Full stack streaming media server that comes in a small and very efficient package. Deploy the same software at each layer of your workflow from tiny ARM devices to massive cloud edge servers

Sub-Second Streaming

Stream with sub-second latency to native HTML5 on Chrome, IE, Firefox and more as well as to Android and iOS. Stream via cloud/on-prem servers or stream peer to peer from cameras and NVR’s to skip the costs of cloud hosting entirely!

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Metadata Streaming

Just-in-time delivery of metadata enables engaging user experiences and unlocks advanced features for a wide range of use cases. Send still images, video overlay data, telemetry info, bio-sensors, and much much more!

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Dynamic Streaming

Dynamic NOT Adaptive! HLS and DASH introduce too much latency, so we’ve introduced methods for adjusting the stream source on the fly while not sacrificing any of the real-time latency. No transcoding required!

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Anything to Anything Streaming

The EvoStream Media Server puts support for every major protocol at your disposal at every level of your streaming workflow. RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-TS, HLS, DASH, WebRTC

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Encrypted and Secure Streaming

Encrypt your streams using SSL/TLS from end to end. Reduce your attack surface by limiting or eliminating entirely open sockets on your stream sources. Keep full control of your streaming workflows deploying EvoStream software within your ecosystems.

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Peer to Peer streaming

Eliminate the costs of hosting streaming services by migrating your live streaming workflows to peer to peer connections. Lose no control over your stream authentication mechanisms but lose the bandwidth and maintenance fees!

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