Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance


Networked Digital Video Recorder (NDVR/NVR)

Provide access to your customer’s security cameras, action sports cameras, drones and more through an integrated NVR system. Stream live, low-latency, video. Record video and play it back later. Even provide true DVR functionality, allowing users to seek backwards in time during live video playback.

  • Handle at LEAST 400% the number of streams as conventional Java-based software when run on identical hardware. Use up to 10 Gpbs of Bandwidth per server. Stream 3.5 Gbps on Amazon M3.Medium at 11% cpu, stream 7.0 Gbps on Amazon C4.2xLarge at 21% Cpu, stream 10 Gbps on Amazon C3.8xLarge at 13% cpu.

  • Run on any platforms, from a stand-alone server, a rack of servers, to the Cloud with Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and others.

  • Use our free Web Services sample code to scale your infrastructure with Stream AutoRouting, Stream Recorder, Load Balancer, and Amazon S3 HDS Upload

IP Video Camera

Improve your current camera products with innovative streaming capabilities or develop new leading edge-based smart cameras. Enable IP video security from the source and all the way to back-end applications and cloud services.

  • Embedded technology with no JAVA, small footprint and easy updates. Run on Arm, Mips, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Ambarella, Intel Edison, and many other platforms.

  • Open software Api’s for event-based notifications and firmware integration.

  • Stream directly to any local and remote phones, tablets, computers and cloud services. Native H.264 video secured with encryption.

We Partner to Make You Succeed

Whether you update an existing products, or design a new device platform,
we work with you on the entire life cycle of your product.
From streaming industry and technology expertise to engineering integration and flexible OEM licensing agreements.

  • Video and metadata streaming span across multiple technologies, standards, and protocols. Our streaming industry and technology expertise is available to you when you define your product capabilities and customer experience.

  • Our engineering works with your team along the life cycle of your product to integrate EvoStream in your firmware.

  • We offer flexible OEM licensing agreements that works with your market and product. We share success when you sell your product.


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