Metadata Aggregation and Streaming

Metadata Aggregation and Streaming

Provide context to your videos with Metadata!

The EvoStream Media Server now provides robust mechanism for ingesting metadata of all types and associating it with video streams. The metadata can be anything from location data to thumbnail images to heart rate data. Metadata is timestamped against the video and transparently transported with the video throughout your entire workflow. It is then delivered in real-time with your video for display or analysis along with your video. Whether you are using our new HTML5 low latency streaming or HLS with 30 seconds of delay, your player will receive the metadata frame-aligned and in-time with the video.

Metadata image

Deliver Field of View Data

Give real-life coordinates for your video. Include Gyro and IMU data so that overlays can be drawn relative to the real world. Facilitate dynamic overlays in your augmented reality devices.

Track drones and wearables

Deliver altitude and location data to provide mapped routes, alert users to altitude limitations or display stats of the user’s latest trick (Full 540, got 10 ft of air!) in real time with the video.

Monitor Biometrics in real-time

Track the heart-rate of police or military, collect extra acoustic data to detect shots fired, asses a volatile situation prior to paramedics arriving on scene


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