Cloud Platforms

Cloud Platforms


The EvoStream Media Server In the Cloud

The EvoStream Media Server is tailored for cloud deployments. Operating a Media Streaming Service in the cloud is great for many reasons: eliminating capital costs, eliminating hardware maintenance cost, immediate deployments, etc… You can do so much with the EvoStream Media Server in the cloud:

Content Distribution

Set your content free! Whether you are a Broadcaster, an OTT content provider, or operating a surfing camera website, you will be able to find the right mix of scale and cost to meet your unique needs. Rapidly deploy an online streaming solution in the cloud with the EvoStream Media Server!

Networked Digital Video Recorder (NDVR/NVR)

Provide access to your customer’s security cameras, action sports cameras, drones and more through an integrated NVR system. Stream live, low-latency, video. Record video and play it back later. Even provide true DVR functionality, allowing users to seek backwards in time during live video playback.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service

Operate your own CDN! Provide a place for users to push their video and build a community around that content. Reach users on any device and on any screen. Monetize with Ad insertion or put premium content behind a paywall.

Load balancing

  • Provide an extensible backend to manage your load balancing strategy

  • Allows you to only forward content when there is a current active viewer, hugely reducing overall bandwidth

  • To your different POPs to maintain content continuity

Content Monetization

  • Can be easily integrated into the EMS to ensure only your paying customers can access your premium content

  • Included for no additional fee. Use Server Side Playlists to schedule ad playback or even insert content on the fly.

  • Can be used to both protect your content but to also introduce incentives to your customers to purchase paid services. Watermarking is great in “Freemium” product models.

Secure Content

  • Gives you complete control over who can view your content and when.

  • Fully integrated for securing your HLS streams

  • HLS AES encryption provides a secure way of encrypting your content without having to pay for an external DRM service. RTMPS provides secure encrypted connections with Flash players

Edge Transcoding

  • Included with every EvoStream Media Server License. Create lower resolution copies of your stream for true adaptive bitrate streaming.

  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS): iOS, Android, Safari
    HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS): Adobe Air, Flash
    Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS): Silverlight, Windows Phone
    Adaptive RTMP: Select Flash Players.

Low Latency Streaming on AWS Cloud

Maximize your Media Streaming and Minimize your Latency with EvoStream Media Server on Amazon Cloud AWS

The EvoStream Media Server (EMS) is a highly efficient and scalable Live Streaming Media Server. Using the EMS on Amazon EC2 Instances through the Amazon Marketplace gives you unrivaled flexibility, scalability, and value through not only the highly competitive pricing of both the EMS and Amazon but also through the ease at which massive concurrent streaming can be achieved. You’ll find yourself saving money and spending far less time in building, growing and maintaining your streaming platform.


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