Answer for adding groupname alias through php script creates problem

xai wrote:
Hi Paresh, First, your approach: 1.) Telnet behavior: your socket_read may not return false or reach the maximum 2048 bytes, so you have an infinite loop, however since you are able to socket_write, the command succeeds. On the other hand, calling quit() may close the socket prematurely, resulting to failed socket writes, failed commands.
I didn’t get about telnet behavior and Without "quit" command, script remains continuously on. Someone wrote:
The suggested approach: 1.) We suggest using the Runtime APIs for this documented here: … -time-api/ 2.) We have included in the installation package a web application written in PHP that does exactly or is similar to what you want to achieve. Look for EMS_Web_UI folder located under the evo-webroot. Thank you. Xai
Is there any configuration that needs to change for accessing Runtime APIs? I checked the docs, however, I can’t find anything related to change in configuration. But to access api through http, port 7777 is required to be used. And when I access http://serverip:7777, it says "connection refused" Even I checked with nmap serverip, but it doesn’t show any services related to port 7777


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