Answer for Can I stream to Android devices with the EMS?

Hi, I’m not sure I understand your question, so I will try to make some assumptions and give my opinion on it. Feel free to correct me if I made the wrong assumptions. As far as I understand you have a source stream carried out via RTMP protocol (rtmp://….). Saying this because RTMP does not carry FLV. FLV is a file format which has striking similarities with the RTMP protocol. In some cases, you can take huge chunks of FLV data and put them on an RTMP connection, but that is just how Adobe engineered it to have better speeds, that is all. Now, getting back to my assumptions. Suppose you have an RTMP source stream with h264 for video and AAC for audio. If that is true, you can simply access that RTMP stream from an Android via RTSP. Overall flow – INPUT stream called test1 brought in via RTMP having h264 codec for video and AAC codec for audio – OUTPUT stream test1 can be accessed via RTSP Observations: – Androids are very sensitive to the profile/level of the H264 payload. So sometimes is not enough just having h264. It must also obey the maximum profile/level supported by the Android device. Otherwise, Android will simply bail out saying that the video can’t be played. Androids are usually problematic because the hardware h264 decoder inside the device comes from a plethora of manufacturers, each of each (not) supporting some levels/profiles. But, almost all of them, supports BaseLine h264 encoding. For the sake of making a point, iOS always have the same h264 decoder because there is only one manufacturer: Apple. Androids are manufactured by 10001 companies, each having their own decoders – to test any input stream brought in via RTMP on an android phone, you can access this link: "rtsp://ip:5544/streamName". Replace streamName with your stream name and properly adjust the ip address – EMS also supports mp4 playback via RTSP for Androids. Having test.mp4 in the EMS media folder, you can access that file like this: "rtsp://ip:5544/vod/test.mp4". Notice the "/vod/" particle. That tells the EMS to search for the file following it. That path (test.mp4) is the relative path to the media folder. Another example: "rtsp://ip:5544/vod/some/inner/folders/test.mp4". relative to EMS media folder you need to have "some/inner/folders" folders structure containing the final file name "test.mp4". Again, "/vod/" doesn’t counts. It is used to tell EMS to reach out for the file, not for the live stream – in the case of VOD over RTSP, same rules applies: h264 for video and AAC for audio Best regards, Andrei


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