Answer for Can I stream video from IP cameras?

Hi, The operation is quite simple. I believe there i an example in the docs as well. I’m going to explain it here as well First, you need to get into CLI than give the following command:
pullstream uri=rtsp:// loclstreamname=test1
Now you can use the following URI to access the stream from any flash based player:
Observations: 1. the camera must have h264 or video and aac for audio codecs. The rest of the codecs are ignored. for example, if you have h264/PCM than you will only have video because PCM is not recognised 2. Some cameras don’t support RTP over RTSP (TCP). If that is the case, than you have to re-do the previous command and include "forcetcp=0" at the end of it (parameters order doesn’t matter). More details about pullstream command in the documentation Best regards, Andrei


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