Answer for Can I use EMS for online education live streaming?

Hi, EMS can accept feeds in various technologies and can also make them available via same/other technologies. Example: INPUT: RTSP from a IP camera OUTPUT: HLS (for iOS), Flash (for desktops via RTMP or HDS), RTSP (for androids), record (create archives in ts or FLV format), etc All of the outputs cane be handled simultaneously, reaching a broad range of clients (phones and PCs). Some of the outputs inherit VOD nature. That means that after the event is finished, it can be accessed again. Technologies inheriting this property are: HLS, HDS and recording. HLS and HDS are also playable in live mode, while recording can only be accessed after the event was finished. Other kind of inputs: Flash from a web cam connected to the PC mpeg-ts unicast/multicast from a hardware encoder/IPTV mp4/mp3/mov/flv/etc files


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