Answer for can not play stream

rjimenez wrote:
Hello, Apparently, your source which apparently is a live stream in nature is behaving like a VOD (as can be seen when your source is directly played in a media player, there is a "seek" capability in it.) EMS current cannot handle this kind of instances as it is the first time we’ve handled this kind of input. We’re filing a ticket for this one, so that we can make fixes in the future. Thank you for your continued patronage.
pullstream uri=rtmp:// localstreamname=test can not play this: rtmp://

/thelib/src/netio/epoll/iohandlermanager.cpp:118 Handlers count changed: 19->20 IOHT_TCP_CARRIER
/thelib/src/netio/epoll/tcpacceptor.cpp:187 Inbound connection accepted: (Far:; Near: CTCP(18) <-> TCP(21) <-> [IR(22)]
/thelib/src/protocols/rtmp/basertmpappprotocolhandler.cpp:772 User agent `LNX 9,0,124,2` on connection (Far:; Near: CTCP(18) <-> TCP(21) <-> [IR(22)]
/thelib/src/protocols/rtmp/basertmpappprotocolhandler.cpp:1586 Default implementation of ProcessInvokeGeneric: Request: _checkbw
/thelib/src/protocols/rtmp/basertmpappprotocolhandler.cpp:1100"test",-2.000,-1.000,true) called on (Far:; Near: CTCP(18) <-> TCP(21) <-> [IR(22)]
/thelib/src/application/baseclientapplication.cpp:301 Stream ONR(3) with name `test` from protocol IR(22) registered to origin application `evostreamms`
rtmp:// is live stream.


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