Answer for changing localstream name

1.) The Streamer(Broadcaster) shall use OpenBroadcaster or XSplit etc to livestream their content to a EMS Origin. ( here we do also the auth process , we get the secretkey from OBS, XSplit) 2.) Two EMS Edges (Endpoints for the Viewers stream request) are connected to EMS Origin. 2.1 ) The origin Pushes a inBoundStream to an Edge if there is a request from a Edge ( somone wants to watch ). Every new viewer for the same stream will get the content from the Edge point. (Or Edge pulls stream doesn’t matter in this case ) 3.) The EMS Origin shall provide loadBalancing information like ( which of the EMS Edges are less loaded on Bandwith ). 4.) Our WebServer is asking the EMS Origin for loadBalacing information and decideds which EMS Edge Point will be used for (JWPlayer, Flowplayer etc ) as source. Example Graph: {Streamer, Broadcaster} (n Streamer,Broadcaster) | (Origin) | | [Edge] (n Edges) | V V V V V V V = Viewer. thank you Best regards oomcore


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