Answer for createHLSStream not playing

xai wrote:
Hi joshjack, If you are using Ubuntu 13.x or 14.x, the apache web root is set to var/www/html. You can try using that instead in your call to createhlsstream. Thank you. Xai
Xai, this is 12.0 and there is no html directory inside /var/www. Also, my test index.html file is located in /var/www. In /var/www there is an "EMS_Web_UI" directory and a "evostream" directory. Is the URL in my testing correct? Should it use port 8080? Should there be some sort of playlist file created? According the the How-To document there is an example that uses:
This doesn’t match the createHLSStream documentation in the API document, because it shows
The first example had "DummyLive" as the stream name and yet it is used in the URL. Also neither one uses port 8080. In my testing if I leave off port 8080 I get a "file not found" HTTP error. But if I add port 8080 I get a video player loading but never shows video. Get the same result with <serverURL>/hls/playlist.m3u8 and <serverURL>/hls/streamName/playlist.m3u8


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