Answer for custom metadata triggers error

Hi Sorin, This particular thing is actually a bug on GS side. EMS accepts onMetadata and it actually pushes it towards all subscribed clients. You can verify that by using FMLE for example. In the current case EMS is saying: Unable to de-serialize invoke parameter 2 That means the AMF form of the message might be corrupted/incorrect. The fact that other servers might be accept it, doesn’t exonerate the source of any mistakes. It only makes them more fault tolerant which is double edged sword :)” /> On deeper details: onMetadata is declared to be an array (08) having 4 attributes (00 00 00 04). Current dump only has 3 of them: videocodecid, metadatacreator and creationdate. So the 4th attribute is missing. hence the connection is dropped immediately Best regards, Andrei


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