Answer for Dynamically adding and connecting to rtsp stream

Hi Jones, EMS allows you to interact with it via CLI (command line interface) or via CLI over HTTP (same CLI command but exposed over HTTP). In essence, you have to pull in the RTSP stream. Once you’ve done that, you can access that stream via various players, create HLS/HDS out of it, push it further to another server or remove it when is no longer needed. The CLI commands meaningful for your scenarios are: pullstream – pulls the RTSP stream into EMS removeConfig – removes the previously pulled in stream. Example: 1. Pulling in the stream
pullstream uri=rtsp:// localStreamName=myStream
2. If all went out well, you can access this stream via: RTMP: rtmp://ems_ip/live/myStream RTSP: rtsp://ems_ip:5544/myStream TS over RTSP: rtsp://ems_ip:5544/ts/myStream You can also do more things like create HLS/HDS streams (createhlsstream or createhdsstream CLI commands, or autoHLS and autoHDS inside the config file), you can push it further (using pushstream) or you can even record it (using record CLI command) Best regards, Andrei


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