Answer for EMS and Wowza

• Configure wowaz to accept upload video files. – No, EMS currently doesn’t have this functionality. There are plans to include this in the future releases though. The current plan though is to upload files through EMS Telnet API, no plans uploading through web UI yet though. • Configure encoder to connect to the Wowza server and be able to stream live to Wowza server "via remote access" ( I will provide you with the manual of the encoder see attachment) – EMS has its own packaged encoder (evo-avconv), you don’t need to configure EMS for this one, you just need to set your encoder output protocol/destination pointing to EMS then EMS can stream compatible inbound streams arriving to it. If you want to change the encoder to be used, you can do so as long as it can also point to EMS its encoding output. • Configure the Wowaz to stream a MPEG_2 Transport Stream to ip address port 5501, the bitrate is 1mb. – Yes, this can be done using pushstream. See page 10 of EMS How Tos: … ow-Tos.pdf • Provide wowaz code to embed on our websites, Add social media sharing button and Api or code for mobile devices App (What I meant is a HTML code including player + streaming URL (Just like Ustream)) – no embedding, though EMS can provide a stream alias which can be available for viewing by clients. With this, streaming URL’s can be customized by our customers. – see AddStreamAlias telnet API command if this suits your need: … nition.pdf – page 41 of API definition • Configure Wowaz to have a multiple channels, 1 to feed to Satellite TV, 2 to feed to internet user e.g mobile App, 3 Audio Channel. If one Channel can feed the both that is fine too, the protocol must be Mpeg 2 SD not HD. – can I clarify first what you mean by "channel"? "the protocol must be Mpeg 2 SD not HD" -> stream must go through transcode API first before being streamed if this is the case • Configure Wowaz to pick up our internet Radio from voscast and have his own Audio channel, is it possible. (Wowza support shoutcast stream) – As long as EMS can pull the source then it can stream it using a specific scheme/protocol -> RTMP, RTSP, MPEGTS. Currently EMS cannot pull http streams. 1. Here is the link of the Voscast is our live stream you choose between the 2 links • Configure wowaz playout content (What I meant by playout content is where you schedule what to play next and advertisement etc.) – See if using server side playlists would be applicable to your need. … -Guide.pdf page 51 of ems user guide • Setup wowaz to be playing 24/7 video streams broadcasting simultaneously to the internet like TV channels and also make video available to be select and watch by viewer if viewer wishes. – I think this needs a custom php script from your side for features such as video selection by the viewers, but EMS can stream videos 24/7 as long as the stream is set to keepAlive=1 • Secure the wowaz server by enable firewall and other security. – • Other necessary thinks that I can’t remember. Some features like • How many users watching stream – no feature like this in current release yet, but in the future release, there is a clientsconnected API there which will display the number of clients connected to a specified localstreamname • Advertisement – What kind of advertisement? A video? a watermark? • IP address of viewers – check liststreams, you can check the response parameters such as farIP in a specific stream mentioned in the list • Stop user to open same stream twice or thrice – This just needs a non persistent stream alias. The stream alias will expire after 1 usage. • How many data have been streamed? – No API for this • Shows us have to operate wowaz – you can always refer to our documentation in our website. • Document on how to upload a video, stream live for encoder, stream to Satellite and schedule a playout and other necessary things – see documentation


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