Answer for EMS as VMS

Yes Evostream can be used as a recording source, it can certainly emulate IP camera interface. ONVIF for instance utilizes RTSP/RTP. Evostream can serve the streams using RTSP/RTP, RTMP, HLS, MSS, HDS, DASH so you have many options. For the client to select different channels: – First push different streams to Evostream or you can do a ‘pullStream’ (check documentation) to pull different streams. – The client can then select different sources/channels by using the ‘localStreamName’ as an identifier. e.g. Let’s say 3 streams were pushed to evostream with corresponding localStreamNames = stream1, stream2, stream3. Client can select the following using the commands below. rtsp:// rtsp:// rtsp:// We don’t use a proprietary protocol, we used industry standard.


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