Answer for EMS operation

Hi. Answers in red 1: Currently if we restart Evostream and any Stream not working for that moment from the configured list then it discard and doesn’t play later if stream works fine and it removes that stream from PushpullSetup.xml file. We wanna keep that stream saved in file so that we don’t need to add it again and again. Setting keepAlive=1 keeps the stream config in pushpullsetup.xml even evostream restarts. 2: Some times due to network latency / interruptions we get delayed ( buffered ) stream but in case if we want to view only live stream and don’t want to buffer while its coming from evostream to us via RTMP then how to configure. Evostream does not buffer RTMP streams. Buffering happens on the client side (player) and the buffered amount varies from player to player. 3: If we want to keep recorded video files for particular time like 1 hour then is it possible in evostream ? if yes then how to configure. There is no command to do that but it is possible to do this by using record API, setTimer API and an external script that will delete the file on timer event. (See setTimer on API Definition) 4: Is it possible to get thumbnail image from any stream ? Try:
launchProcess fullBinaryPath=<evo-avconv_path> keepalive=0 arguments=-i rtmp://<ems-ip>/<live|vod>/<streamname> -ss 00:00:01.000 -vframes 1 thumb.png
Make sure the arguments on arguments parameter are separated by escaped spaces (" ")


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