Answer for EMS question

techq wrote:
I am writing to ask about the capabilities of your streaming services. Forgive me for not turning to message boards – I am a videographer, not much of a web designer. I represent a startup social media platform entitled Imurj, which will be launching in roughly three to four months. Imurj will be centered on a brick-and-mortar location in downtown Raleigh, NC, serving as somewhat of a club house and production hub for users. From our location we aim to stream professional quality, user-produced video content, which will be embedded solely within our website. However, we are not interested in creating our own extensive server at this point – hence I am writing you today. We are equipped with a full audio and video production studio, utilizing a Newtek Tricaster Mini HD-4i to stream multi-camera live productions. We seek to stream live video, and in some cases, we would like to have it hosted for unlimited playback as an embedded video on our website. We are interested in streaming at 720p (supposedly the max available stream for the Tricaster) and potentially uploading completed videos at higher resolution (1080p) which will simply be hosted and not necessarily streamed. We are hoping to choose and control all advertisements and collect ad revenue from our publicly available content, while directly selling subscriptions for specific streaming content (i.e. – live artistic instruction, performance).
Using our pullstream functionality, we can be able to stream your needs as long as it is using h264 video codec and aac audio codec. If it does not, you may use our transcode command so that it could be input to our EMS, and it will be able to stream it. techq wrote:
We intend to both stream and upload video regularly, potentially on a daily basis or multiple times a day. Our audience size will not necessarily be huge immediately upon opening in a few months, however, we would like the ability to increase our bandwidth in the future, and potentially for specific programming, if possible (i.e.- we purchase higher bandwidth for a specific live musical performance stream of a notable, more popular artist).
You may put the videos in the media folder of EMS or have it supplied by an external source so that EMS would be able to stream it after pulling the source. techq wrote:
We are also interested in the eventual integration of these streaming and hosting services into our own proprietary app, with compatibility across Android and iOS platforms. Eventually we would like for people to tune into our live streams from anywhere, including a smart TV at home, and we want to make sure that your services might be easily integrated into such a system. I am looking for a confirmation of which of these needs can be met by your service, and a rough breakdown of the pricing I can anticipate given our hypothetical viewer traffic. I am interested in learning about what types of network and internet connections we will need in our brick-and-mortar facility to adequately provide our content to your servers. It would be in our interest to operate from outside the facility from time to time, such as from a music venue with a standard internet connection.
Do you want EMS services to be a part of your application? Or just setup EMS externally? Because you can setup EMS externally, and just have its output URL’s and/or files be extracted by your app, depending on how you programmed your app.


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