Answer for EMS UI Using Domain Name Instead of IP Address

Greetings Andrei, Certainly. On the EMS_Web_UI Page interface I downloaded to test with, where it says "Enter IP address of EMS", I was wondering if this field could be made to accept a domain name instead of an IP Address. I looked in the ui.js script quickly this morning but my attempts to have it accept a domain name instead of IP didn’t work and I have not had a chance to go back and look at it some more. Like I mentioned, I am just doing some testing with it and behind the firewall it works just fine, but the rtmp output from the EMS_Web_UI page shows the internal IP. I don’t know if I used an API Call to pull the listings from the EMS directly, would it show that IP address and I would have to do manipulation behind the scenes to change from that IP to a domain name. MrPepik


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