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Hi, First of all, thank you for your constructive suggestions. I hope the answers below can help you. Someone wrote:
I would like to make a few suggestions regarding docs and things I couldn’t find or maybe lack more info. I just want to say this is based on my limited spare time that I could spend to play with ES, and read docs. I haven’t read them thoroughly but just segments and features I was interested in. 1. Web app, this is something in my opinion not well documented ( after reading and searching docs didn’t find if some management web app exists or not (to me seems it doesn’t)
Yes, you’re right. We don’t provide any web app to manage the EMS. We only provide a demo Web UI with source code that you can modify to suit your needs. The demo Web UI can be used to test basic EMS functionality. It also provides an alternate way to install the EMS license without using the command line. The Web UI User Guide can be found here: Someone wrote:
2. Evo service API UI, is just a set of few commands and it’s buggy ( I was also checking your competition and other have used and to me seems like to be solution for you) it can be transformed to administration web app and looks nice on first glance. second thing I was not sure and still I’m not, but on win platform looks like you are using some light web server integration in behind (or you wrote something yourself) for hosting php. My question is why (I haven’t found it) you don’t host EvoserviceAPIUI on that but instead I was required to host it on separate web php server (eg. xampp) installation? (same goes with provided evo stream events solution – I haven’t figured out what it’s used for and what if I want to to capture some events myself beside provided event listener, can I do it)
In order to use the built-in EMS Web Server (or EWS), you can put the EMS Web UI files in the EWS web root, normally "/var/www" for Linux or "C:evostreamevo-webroot" for Windows. You need to specify its location in the EWS configuration file, webconfig.lua (normally in "/etc/evostreamms" for Linux or "C:evostreamconfig" for Windows), under parameter "webRootFolder", which is set to "/var/www" for Linux or "C:evostreamevo-webroot" for Windows by default. You also need to specify the EWS port in the same file, under parameter "port", which is set to "8888" by default. In order to test if the EWS is working, browse the URI "http://IP_ADDRESS:8888". Note that port 8888 is used for EWS. (If no port is specified, port 80 is assumed, which is the default for Apache or xampp, and not what you want.) Replace the IP_ADDRESS shown with "localhost" if on the same machine, or with the actual IP address of the EMS/EWS if on a different machine. Someone wrote:
I tried to set that up mentioned API-UI inside installation folder but with no success. API doc "has examples of responses" but it seems those "links" don’t work. Provided API methods imo are also missing things like: 1. user administration methods 2. server refresh method (soft server restart) 3. haven’t found anything else in 2 weeks period
1. Users are administered by editing the "users.lua" file which is a plain text file containing user names and passwords. For advanced users, a database can be used to store/retrieve user name/passwords by adding code to the "users.lua" file, written in the LUA programming language. But this is beyond the scope of EvoStream support. 2. There’s an API command to shutdown the server, "shutdownServer". Please refer to the API Definition Guide in for details. Someone wrote:
Would be nice to have some user case study guide lines, how to setup ES, I might be wrong but didn’t get the feeling I could set up my case without forum (big + for prompt responses) and just reading your docs. NOTE: I wrote this in spirit of good intention, to provide you insight in bits of my opinion. After 2 weeks spent I think ES is great software, I like API calls much and have straight forward solution for my case, basically I really don’t need admin web. Of all provided features I’m using just couple of them and I have integrated it with my web app base business logic without much implementation, and this is a big plus for ES.
Congratulations on getting your web app business logic integrated with the EMS! Hopefully this forum can provide answers to users experiencing the same difficulty as yourself. Cheers, Don #ews #webconfig #api #webui #newuser


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