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Hi, Please see my answers below. Someone wrote:
1) accept a MJPEG stream over TCP pull as input source and do transcoding into other formats?
Yes. You can use the launchProcess command to do this. Someone wrote:
2) support push WebM (VP8/Ogg) over http? As well as DASH WebM format?
No, we only support pushing H.264/AAC streams via RTMP, RTSP, or MPEGTS unicast/multicast protocols. Someone wrote:
3) handle streams from live sources such as cameras, do runtime transcoding into h264 and stream out?
Yes. You can use the transcode or launchProcess API commands of the EMS to do this. Someone wrote:
We’ve a module that abstract the Video management system (VMS) away, so it can be used to interface to differnet VMS, and expose the cameras in the VMS in the form of either a MPEG-TS h264 or MJPEG over TCP. As these are streams and not file based, the transcoding to be done before streaming out has to be done in realtime so writing to a file such as the HLS/MSS/HDS/DASH way isn’t exactly an option. Can EMS do realtime transcoding of such streams into fMP4?
Please note that when you create HLS/MSS/HDS/DASH, playback can start after only a few chunks are completed. If you set the chunk length to 8 seconds, for example, your playback will lag behind the live stream by around 24 seconds. Someone wrote:
Also, how is the support for RTMPT? We would like to avoid firewall issues related to use of proprietary ports, and would very much prefer http streaming, including for the case of RTMP, thus RTMPT.
Yes, the EMS supports RTMPT, or RTMP via HTTP. Please see the RTMPT section in the EMS User Guide for details. Cheers, Don


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