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Hello Someone wrote:
– automatically generate HLS stream from the input
You can do this with autoHLS, which you can read about in the User’s Guide here: … omatic-hls Having said that, autoHLS is not capable of dealing with multiple bitrates. Once you have the multiple streams (or even before if you know how the streams will be named) you will need to use the createHLSStream command: … ls_stream/ Someone wrote:
have multiple output bitstreams available
You can create different bitrates from the main stream using the transcode command: Someone wrote:
automatically record the stream from input
To record you will use the record command: Someone wrote:
Is this done via configuration or do I need to provide scripts to do it? If so how do I trigger the scripts and where can I find examples?
You can certainly do this manually to get a PoC up and running quickly. In the long run thought, the best way to do this is through a script or web service that you create. We have example web services that we have written in PHP (you do not need to use PHP, it is just what we have writen our examples in). You can find those scripts in your EMS packaging, or you can download them here: The doc describing how to use them can be found here: … _contents/ Bryan


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