Answer for hasStreamAliases and hasGroupNameAliases

butters wrote:
Someone wrote:
a.) pull your stream, give it a localstreamname
How can I do that? If I am using stream aliases (hasStreamAliases=true) the command pullstream uri=rtmp://localhost/vod/mp4:start.mp4 will make the media server look for an alias named "rtmp://localhost/vod/mp4:start.mp4" which does not exist. I don’t know how to pullstream a VOD file when I am using stream aliases.
You can still pull your stream even when hasStreamAliases=true (take note, pullStream, not lazy pull). In pullStream, the 2 basic parameters which you need are uri and localstreamname. If you cannot use the uri using your EMS address (eg. rtmp://localhost/vod/mp4:start.mp4), try using the one wherein you are directly giving your uri the location of your vod file in your directory. Localstreamname parameter is usable in normal pullstream. The localStreamName parameter is not present in lazy pulls because it is part of its feature not to do a manual pulling anymore, that’s why it did not need a localstreamname to identify the stream.


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