Answer for HLS streaming using EvoStream

Hi, Besides solving all issues related to CORS and streaming RTMP etc.. We are now able to play DASH stream over chrome and Mozilla. IE still remain issue throwing exception on play (Invalid State Error in bitdash.min.js) But lets not going into the details of error Throw in IE !!! 1) Now while we streaming HLS and DASH files using VOD, Folder keep on adding segments and eventually size of folder reaches in hundreds of MB in few hours. We want once file is fully read and streamed, it should not create unneccessary segments again and again. Whenever user play the video, it should use pre existing segments. 2) How to give user functionality of seeking the video from any point of duration. Till now bit dash show live stream label and does not allow user to seek the video from any specific duration. 3) when we stream HLS and DASH, some starting and ending part of video not showing in player. eg. if video is 05:00 minutes long. player start the video from somewhere 00:25 minutes and end some where 04:45.


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