Answer for HLS streaming using EvoStream

Hi rajeevinkomm, The setup package also includes EWS (evo-webserver.exe) and is installed together with EMS. EWS is our built in web server. To use it you need to do the following: 1.) Stop EMS and EWS. 2.) Open webconfig.lua in config directory, and set the port. The port is 8888 by default. 3.) Run EMS. EMS runs EWS. 4.) Create HLS files and put them in the evo-webroot directory (this is mandatory). Below is just an example. pullstream uri=rtmp://<ip>/live/<your stream> localstreamname=stream1 createhlsstream localstreamnames=stream1 targetfolder=..\evo-webroot groupname=hlsgroup playlisttype=appending The createhlsstream call saves the HLS chunks in the evo-webroot folder. The directory structure is evo-webroot/<group name>/<playlist file> /<stream folder> 5.) To stream HLS, you can do http://<ip>:<webconfig_port>/<the hls group name>/playlist.m3u8. For example, Let us know how it goes. Thanks. Xai


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