Answer for how to enable load balance?

toni wrote:
Someone wrote:
You did not properly configure the evowebservices. I use x.x.x.x just for for example, and I have install http://x.x.x.x/evowebservices/evowebservices.php webservice on remote webserver but I can not start EMS when enable this setting. pls advice. On the EMS Web Services User Guide – Page 8 Someone wrote:
The url field specifies the destination which will be accepting the HTTP POST event notifications. In this example, the web services are installed on the same computer that the EMS is running on (“localhost”). This value can be changed to the IP address of the computer running the web services.
Please read through the EMS Web Services User Guide. If you are having trouble understanding the technical part of setting this up then I would advice you to purchase a Priority Technical Support so that our team can help you. See Link:
I am testing this product, if ok, will buy some license in the coming month.


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