Answer for ingest transcoded conten

I am trying to ingest transcoded content from my Harmonic Prostream 9000 which is udp multicast(h264). Someone wrote:
When i issue the command "pullstream uri=dmpegtsudp:// localstreamname=test2”. Output from the telnet console is “Failed” However when i restart the server it starts to ingest it. For each multicast input i create there are two ingest created. Don’t know why this is happening.
If you can recreate the scenario above, please send us the log files and the config files. Someone wrote:
All my outputs are HLS i tried to use port 8080 of Evostream for the output however it did not work so i ended up installing apache as an origin server for testing.
What build of EMS are you using? Someone wrote:
For VOD content i am trying to create HLS from MP4 content. Issued these commands. First "createhlsstream localstreamnames=gravity10 targetfolder=/var/www/html groupname=hls playlistLength=10 chunklength=40” and "pullStream uri=rtmp://localhost/vod/mp4:gravity_2k.mp4 keepalive=1 localstreamname=gravity10” pull stream command issued later. However HLS creation keeps overriding the playlist.m3u8 and the segment files. I though once the HLS creation is over server should discard the pull stream and HLS creation for VOD. In my scenario i will be using nginx as a origin server where all the segment files and playlist.m3u8 files will be transferred to that server.
When creating the playlist, use playlisttype=appending. This ignores the playlistlength, and stops updating the playlist after it created the last chunk. The overall effect is that the playlist gets updated but the chunk (TS) file names remain intact. createhlsstream localstreamnames=gravity10 targetfolder=/var/www/html groupname=hls chunklength=40 playlisttype=appending Someone wrote:
Also can you recommend some easier interface to manage the Evostream Media Server the one which comes with it pretty small and sometimes i find it very difficult. Even when i remove the pull stream request from the web ui and reconnect to the server i see it again.
We only provide the Web UI interface out-of-the-box. If you can recreate what you described above, please send us the log files. Let us know how it goes. Thanks. Xai


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