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Hi, Please refer to the answers below. Someone wrote:
I have two address (Evo stream server setup here). (other address). How can i use these address as source and destination address. pullstream uri=rtsp:// localstreamname=stream1 what will be the right url for pullstream at my localhost and what is camerastream in pullstream url.
Assuming your camera’s stream is as you mentioned in earlier questions, the pullstream command would be like this: pullstream uri=rtsp:// localstreamname=stream1 Someone wrote:
How can i run this vodeo in vlc player or browser using commandline.
1. To play your camera’s stream: vlc rtsp:// 2. To play the pulled stream using RTMP protocol: vlc rtmp:// 3. To play the pulled stream using RTSP protocol: vlc rtsp:// (Please note that the EMS uses port 5544 for RTSP protocol. This can be changed in /etc/evostreamms/config.lua.) If step 1 is successful, but step 2 is not, please check the audio/video codecs in step 1. While your camera’s stream is playing in VLC, click Tools > Codec Information. The audio codec should be AAC and the video codec should be H.264. Otherwise, please refer to the Transcode section of the EMS User Guide. Someone wrote:
How to record video.
Please see the record command in the API Definitions document. A typical record command would be like: record localstreamname=stream1 pathtofile=/tmp type=mp4 Cheers, Don


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