Answer for Is the following flow possible

a3logicdev wrote:
Sorry to repeat my question again but could you please describe that what is "camerastream" in pullstream command. is it my local video store at my system or any other thing. Waiting for your Reply. Thanks in advance! Could you please help me asap.
"camerastream" in the example given is simply part of the source video stream URL. In your previous attempts you used a source that was <sourceIP>/estreaming . The "estreaming" by itself is meaningless, it’s just part of the video source URL. Some devices will have URL’s like "<sourceIP>/profile2/media.smp" Again "/profile2/media.smp" is meaningless by itself, it’s just part of the source URL. It’s not used inside EMS for anything. What OS are you running EMS on? It’s possible your firewall settings are not allowing incoming port 5544 connections.


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