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Hi, Someone wrote:
By channel I mean that we need to provide all our users a web address which would be used for uploading their own videos only hence the word channel. For instance inside the app I rename it t say to hostn as per number of users. Now, I want to know if this is something that you can setup for us or if we can use a method for recursively create such URL’s/ channels dynamically? I then want to record that video and have it available on the same channel for later viewing which means we need to have the persistent stream aliasing now. Is that a possibility? If yes then can you direct me to appropriate documentation?
This can be handled by the Ingest Points feature of the EMS. One ingest point is assigned per user (or channel). Each user then pushes his video stream to his assigned ingest point. The pushed stream can then be recorded by the EMS for later viewing, or viewed live if desired. Ingest points can be added or deleted on the fly. For details, please refer to the API Definitions Guide and the Media Server User Guide here: Cheers, Don


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