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a3logicdev wrote:
Hi there I have following queries: 1. As per our project flow we need to create a user channel while user is registering? Our question is do we pass on user information say channel name and then we would be provided with channel URL for user or we can create a new channel by utilizing some existing function. Assume channel as something similar to youtube channel or a directory structure where each user’s streamed video can be views by visiting the channel. Is it possible to create such channel dynamically for each individual user which would be registered with our application? 2. Do you manage the server as per clients requirement or we have to configure the server ourselves? 3. If we have video created on another device, would it be better if we pull the stream from there or to push it if we need to provide a high quality HD stream to other users? 4. Lets assume that we are using a mobile application coupled with a hardware to create a video and then we need to stream that video using evostream then is it possible to have it initiated using android SDK or we need some other SDK. What methods would be required by us to get this started. Further, we need now to email other users with the URL of the stream. Is it a possibility and then to get the start and end time for this stream based on when user clicked on the stream? Please do ask if you find the questions too noob or unclear but we need to know.. thanks
Hello, see answers below: 1.) You may use our streamAlias functionality for this. This will allocate a specific URL for playback at a 1:1 ratio (url:client). However, as of the moment our streamAlias is still for one time playback only. The streamalias will disappear after being consumed through playback. We have already implemented persistent Stream Aliasing where in the stream alias will not disappear after a playback, but we haven’t released it yet. As for the channel you are pertaining to, I think it should come from your side, Evostream can only supply the stream alias which will be needed for the playback, but for the interface for your clients. You will be the ones to add that feature. 2.) What kind of examples for configuration do you mean? We have a config.lua though which we configure before running EMS for some tweaks in functionality. 3.) Either, Evostream is not supposed to alter the video quality when a stream goes through it. You are pushing a stream to another device if you want Evostream to function as some kind of hosting server. You may pull a stream from another source if you want the stream from that source to utilize Evostream functions. 4.) Android implementation is currently on the works. We might release it in the near future.


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