Answer for Issue in recording stream

Hi Toni, We have followed all the steps you have mentioned in your post, as the solution for stop the recording without get the stream removed. 1. Get the stream’s uniqueId using listStreams command, request url : http:// listStreams 2. Then stop the recording using below request url, … 50bHk9MQ== To create this encoded value(params) used following parameters,
  • permanently=1
  • id=14 – got this id(uniqueId) from step 1 It stop the recording with success message(status: SUCCESS, Description: Stream closed), but it seems remove the stream also. Because the above stream is not playing anymore and show the message like “Stream no longer available” (status: FAIL, Description: Stream no longer available). What we want is stop the recording without removing stream from the server. We greatly appreciate your help. Thank you


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