Answer for Issue in recording stream

Hi pabasara, For you 1st issue, this is under investigation. For you 2nd requirement, you can use shutdown command to only stop the recording but keep the live stream alive. On the shutdownStream you can specify the uniqueId of the recording stream and use that to stop the recording only. First, you have to know the uniqueId of the recording stream. You can get it by executing the listStreams command. example Live Stream: "name":"one","nearIp":"","nearPort":1935,"outStreamsUniqueIds":[3],"port":1935,"queryTimestamp":1369730565577.1680,"type":"INR","typeNumeric":5282249572905648128,"uniqueId":2 Recording Stream: "recordSettings":{"chunkLength":0,"computedPathToFile":"C:\Users\Documents\Here.mp4","configId":1,"keepAlive": true,"localStreamName":"one","operationType":5,"overwrite":true,"pathToFile":"C:\Users\Documents\Here.mp4","type":"mp4","waitForIDR":false,"winQtCompat":true},"type":"OFMP4","typeNumeric":5712338184231190528,"uniqueId":3 Second, execute the shutdownStream using "uniqueId":3 of the Recording Stream. shutdownstream id=3 permanently=1 For an alternative solution on your 2nd requirement: I recommend you use the EMS Web Services. Download it here: It has a plugin for Stream Recording. This web service has the feature to tell the EMS to automatically record streams. Kindly let me know how it went on your end…. :)” /> thanks….


Evostream Staff


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