Answer for Logging Example

Hi, There are 2 kinds of "logs" 1. Deep technical logs. This ones are usually needed by us when we want to debug/explain a problem. This logs ae generated by the log appenders configured inside the config files. Not very easy to parse/understand, pretty much useless for you, but gold mine for us when someone reports a problem 2. events logs. This ones are the ones you are interested in. The events triggered by EMS are sent to a collection of sinks. Each sink is doing something with that event. For example, you can write those events on disk but you can also send the same event to a web service via JSON POST. The event triggered by EMS are containing detailed info. To give you an example, a inStreamCreated event has properties like: creation timestamp, bytes transferred on A/V tracks, type of codecs used, connected clients, etc. Best regards, Andrei


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