Answer for Looping *.lst file

To do this, create a playlist. On linux the default media location is /var/evostreamms/media. This is the contents of my playlist.lst file: 0,20,slate.flv -1,-1, I then setup an ffmpeg to play out a stream
ffmpeg -re -i myfile.flv -c:a copy -c:v copy -f flv -metadata tcp://evo-stream-server.mydomain:6666
Then I played it back in vlc… rtmp://evo-stream-server.mydomain/vod/playlist.lst Now at this point, you have a client side RTMP playlist. That is not supported by every client. So, I logged into my evostream via
telnet localhost 1112
. I then created a pull stream. i.e. I asked evostream to read the client side RTMP playlist and generate a single stream, that can be sent out via RTMP, HLS, DASH, etc… I ran this command, in the telnet session
pullStream uri=rtmp://localhost/vod/playlist.lst localstreamname=livePlaylist
Now, you should have rtmp://evo-stream-server.mydomain/live/livePlaylist. i.e.
ffplay rtmp://evo-stream-server.mydomain/live/livePlaylist
You should be able to stop and start the ffmpeg command above (the one playing out myfile.flv). You will see the livePlaylist video switch between slate.flv and myfile.flv. It may take a few seconds due to buffering.. Note: slate.flv and myfile.flv need to be encoded with the *exact* same parameters and a low GOP size ( in ffmpeg use -g 1). Its worth checking your videos with an ffmpeg utility called ffprobe, i.e.
ffprobe -show_format -show_streams slate.flv
The codecs, bit rates, pixel formats, GOP size, width, height, etc.. needs to be identical between the two files, if you want the switching to be seamless. If those values are wildly different, then your switching may not work at all. I used ffmpeg to encode both files and I specified most of the parameters (e.g. pix_fmt -s 1024×768, etc… ). That way I know they are similar. If you need more help, see page 51 of the EMS User Guide: Cheers Paul


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