Answer for manifest file?

techq wrote:
We using Evostream Media Server version (LICENSE_ID="16749e7d261236c4"). Automatic DASH enabled in config.lua, in target filder all files created (manifest.mpd, *.m4s, etc). Could you please give working sample how to use this manifest file?
There is no DASH support yet in the Evo Webserver in 1.6.6 version of EMS. You will be needing to use an external webserver here like Apache. You may use these players to play Dash. osmo4 gpac castlabs dashas Put your files inside the webroot of your Apache directory. http://(EMS_ip_address):(port)/(location of manifest relative to the webroot) eg. http://(EMS_ip_address):(Apache port)/manifest.mpd


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