Answer for maxrtmp buffer

yes we’re using an embedded version of ffmpeg : NReco video converter library for .net, now with this parameters: CustomInputArgs = "-analyzeduration 0 -fpsprobesize -1 -r " + inputFPS + " -v -8 -hwaccel auto " // (input) VideoFrameSize = width.ToString() + "x" + height.ToString(), // -s (output) CustomOutputArgs = " -crf 28 -an -pix_fmt bgr24", // (output) windows bitmap pixel format, preset fast, disable audio //-pix_fmt bgr24 we’re displaying fine but with some setup-time, also when the stream is already pulled by the server (in case of live streams, e.g. rtsp ip cam sources). of course with VOD there exists some extra latency. Next week we’ll have cameras in the test environment, so we’ll be able to test EMS better. if you have any other advice, that would be appreciated. also, is there any opensource html5 player (.js is ok) supporting rtmps ?


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