Answer for on demand functionality for live streaming

gparmigiani wrote:
Hello, we are evaluating your platform for commercial purposes, we wold like to achieve an on-demand functionality similar to VOD examples in documentation, but with a live stream (pulled-stream). We are working with ip-cam rtsp sources streaming in h264. i.e. we’d like the server to automatically manage connection and disconnection from ip-cams (pullstream uri=rtsp://ipaddrofcam../../..), as the number of cameras is high and we’d like to occupy bandwidth only if one or more clients requests a connection to that camera. we have 500 ip-cams. 100 users. we’d like to pullstreams only for users requesting a connection via the server, but keeping configuration of all the 500 cameras. Thank you. Giacomo
Hello, I think this is the same with the answer which I gave to your other post. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1007#p2543


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