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Evostream resides in /var/evostreamms Inside the directory (/var/evostreamms/media/movies) I’ve loaded two mp4’s and a playlist file: atom_age_vampire.mp4 doa.mp4 moviePlaylist.lst The moviePlaylist.lst file is scripted as follows: #sourceOffset, duration, localStreamName 0,-1,atom_age_vampire.mp4 0,-1,doa.mp4 Question 01 – I have a website where I would like to stream my content from. This is the URL of the site: On the homepage of the site is a player from which I would like to stream the movies. What I am aiming to do I have several clients log onto the site and watch the content as it is being broadcast from the playlist. In other words, they will be watching the same mp4 play in real time, not unlike watching a television program. My question is this: How do I implement the rtmp line to stream to this site? Question 02 – The “EMS-User-Guide.pdf” shows an example for the playlist file on page 51 which I used as an example to create my own. Is there a more sophisticated way to set up a playlist, say for instance with timestamps: 00:02:00 Also, how could I incorporate timezones? Can I create several playlist files for different timezones? Question 03 – The primary reason I want to use Evostream is to stream content to iOS, Android, and other mobile devices. It seems that iOS protocol is “HLS”. Do I need to set up streaming seperate for HLS and RTP? How would this be done?
Question 1: Set your media folder in your config.lua to /var/evostreamms/media/movies Try playing this: rtmp://localhost/vod/moviePlaylist.lst Question 2: There is no utilization of timestamps for server side playlists (.lst files). Only duration. Question 3: To setup hls streams.. you use createHlsStream API command.. You can search our documentation for that command. You will also need a localstreamname as your source for your createHlsStream. You can have your localstreamname by executing a pullStream API command. The playback for hls streams is also different. You can use this: http://(IP of EMS):8888/(groupname of your hls stream)/(master playlist — a .m3u8 file) or http://(IP of EMS):8888/(groupname of your hls stream)/(localstreamname)/(child playlist — a .m3u8 file) The groupname folder of your hls stream should be placed where your webroot is.


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