Answer for [Panasonic IP-Camera] Invalid server challenge?

In the meantime, I did some further tests. On the camera’s web interface, it is possible to set the authentication mode to
  • Digest
  • Basic
  • Digest or Basic
By default, "Digest or Basic" is configured, causing problems at the evostream media server. When Setting to either "Digest" or "Basic", the video can be accessed. Therefore I conclude that evostream must have problems resolving the authentication request by the camera which looks as follows:
RTSP/1.0 401 Unauthorized
CSeq: 2
Connection: Keep-Alive
WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="Panasonic network device"
WWW-Authenticate: Digest realm="Panasonic network device", nonce="ea6b47334958e0c1f1801cf65c53e9ae", stale="false", algorithm="MD5", qop="auth"
Can this be fixed? Unfortunately, it is no option for us to configure the camera(s) to use "Digest" or "Basic", we need to stick with "Digest or Basic".


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