Answer for Play a .lst file in Rtsp format

techq wrote:
I have created a .lst file witch contains some mp4 file details. It is working good in RTPM players as VOD. But i can’t play it in rtsp(android) and HTTP(ios) players as VOD. i tried to create a pull request and give a local name to it. But then it plays the list file as live stream not as VOD. I want seek functionality in it. Please Help.
When you try to perform a playback for a pulled stream using Evostream, it can only play it as live stream for now. For playing in android, it is still in the works for now, so no feature for that for now. If you want to play in IOS with seek capability, you may try using and exploring the createHlsStream command. CreateHlsStream will try to create segments which the player would be able to process for playback.


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