Answer for Player Authentication

techq wrote:
Finally got EMS working on a Win 2008 server. It still gets some errors, but the log file is not growing like crazy as it used to do before. So that is definite progress. Need your help with the two items below: (1) We need to get "player authentication" working for RTMP, RTSP and HTTP At this point, this is the most critical to move forward. Edited auth.xml to set authentication to "true" or "false". But that had no impact at all on "encoder push" as well as during playback. We were able to do both without supplying a user name and password. Is this feature working at all? If so, what could be the reason it didn’t work here? (2) Apache+PHP Your documentation states that there is an Apache included in the install. The folders in the install directory do show somw folders for evowebroot and evophpengine as well as an evowebserver executable. Are these no use at all in a Windows environment? A WAMP has to be installed? Thanks for the clarification.
1.) You should edit config.lua to uncomment the authentication field. Also set the "authenticatePlay=true," like this(should not be commented out). Also, edit your users.lua such that it would be stated there the users and their respective passwords. 2.) WAMP is not needed anymore because there is already an independent evo-webserver (not dependent on apache anymore) which is already a part of installation.


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